IATI Discount : 5% Immediate Discount! [2024]

Do you need to take out travel insurance with IATI and are looking for a discount? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on, and you can take out your IATI insurance with the biggest discount available. (From 5% to 15% Discount on IATI, depending on the moment)

-> Get your IATI insurance with a 5% discount from HERE ! Valid at 2024. MAXIMUM DISCOUNT AVAILABLE!

5% discount for IATI Insurance

IATI is one of the best companies available for travel insurance. It is not exactly the cheapest, but it is the one that offers the best coverage and attention. You will never have a problem with them. Insured 🙂

Therefore, if you are sure about it, you can access the discount with IATI from this link.

iati 5 off discount promo

A “10 discount” for any policy at IATI

IATI has several policies or types of insurance that can be contracted. And each one is more valid or suitable for a type of trip. IATI Basic is the standard insurance. With IATI Escapades, you can enjoy your vacations in Spain or Europe. Or if you are a great traveler, you can opt for the IATI Backpacker and IATI Great Travelers insurances.

How to get IATI at a discount?

The only thing you have to do to get your IATI insurance at a discount, and thus contract an excellent insurance for less money, is to access through this link.

Once there, contract the policy in the normal way (Select origin, destination, travelers, duration ….).

On the next screen, when choosing the specific IATI policy, notice that the original price is crossed out, and below it, the new price you get with our insurance.

Contract IATI at a Discount

As you can see in the image above, the original price is crossed out, and then the price with our IATI discount applied.

And that’s it! Just finish filling in your data, complete the payment… and you already have your IATI insurance at a discount thanks to No Zip Code!

The biggest discount for IATI Insurance

With our discount link for IATI, we assure you that you will get your insurance at the highest possible discount that can be found on the Internet.

10% discount for IATI Insurance

Many of you have asked us if there is a bigger discount for IATI. Unfortunately 5% is the maximum discount you will find on the web. IATI’s pricing is already very competitive, hence there are no major discounts.

15% or 20% discount for IATI Seguros

And the same for those of you who ask us for a 15% or 20% discount for IATI. 5% is the best discount you will find!

IATI Special Offer (Coupon IATI 15% Black Friday)

Now NOT ACTIVE! The next IATI discount of 15% will be for spring 2024. However, you can take advantage of the maximum discount at IATI which is available on the website here.

Last 15% discount on IATI: Black Friday 2023: From November 18 to 24, 2023.

On special occasions, such as Black Friday, IATI offers a bigger discount on its travel insurance. For example, in 2022, IATI offered during Black Friday week a 15% discount, plus special promotions, such as free travel insurance.

So, if you are not in a hurry, you can wait to get an even bigger discount on your IATI travel insurance.

News 2023. IATI now includes a Squatters insurance. It covers you up to 3000€ in case you have a mishap with your habitual residence during your trip. In addition, also from June 2023, up to €100 of theft is included in the policies. We tell you all about it in our article about IATI Seguros.

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